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Holiday Accomodation 

From our early site visits we appreciated that the development had to interact with the natural environment. We chose timber as main material because we wanted to use natural local resources and a well-established material from the vernacular architecture.

The construction focuses on simple details widely used in this area. Our mission was to elevate those details and forge them together to create a contemporary building with a strong interaction with the context.

Landscape, Architecture, Interior, 
300 m2
Balsa model of the accomodation

Although the brief was for 6 independent apartments we felt that a traditional brick/concrete wall/roof would have brought the development off track from our original concept.

We therefore proposed a  light structure with movable shutters, cantilevered roof with PV panels, ground source heat pump to achieve a zero carbon development.

The design includes also a number of passive environmental strategies to cool the apartment in summer and exploit the winter sun to balance passive heat gain with the underfloor heating system.

Sketch drawing
Balsa model detail window
Balsa model of the accomodation from the lake
Drawing of the proposal

The practice has designed both architecture and interiors. Taking advantage of the light and space provided by the glazed facade,  the materials palette combines pale wood floors, white walls and translucent glass detailing.

The apartments have been carefully sited amid the natural setting, prioritizing the spectacular lake views.

CGI of the entrance

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