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Patio House - Switzerland 

It was acknowledged that the house had to sit servant to the beautiful landscape and not trying to compete with it.  

From the beginning we worked with the clients to create a list of priority that we thought were important to create a bespoke piece of architecture and respond to the clients’ needs.

Some of the initial requirements were: the central patio, the importance of lighting, the simplicity of a pure shape and need of privacy.

Through the design process we developed a number of models and sections to test all our ideas and in order to create a bespoke inspiring house to live in.

Landscape, Architecture, Interior, 
300 m2
Balsa model of the house
Front balsa model of the house
Artistic impression of courtyard
Drawing Section
Balsa model showing the section

We conceived this house with a dual identity; one visible from outside and one private.

The public side has no windows and it looks like a solid element that crumbles at the bottom to give the illusion that house is not touching the ground.

The house is also surrounded by water to add another layer of “physical and visual” protection.

The other side of the house, the one facing the valley has a number of windows to create an interaction between users and the landscaping. Again, the façade is the element able to create this interaction. (Interactionism)

The bones of the house are made of concrete and steel while the facades are made of translucent insulated material. The clients have been supportive on the choice of this material from the beginning. The solution was chosen both for the powerful diffuse soft light effect coming inside the house, both in winter and summer and for the ability to create a pure elegant façade that can mute its own identity when the light inside the house is on or off.

We recognised early on the ability of this material to create interactionisms (from inside and from outside) so we all felt that was the perfect solution to accomplish our initial sketches.

Artistic impression house
Artistic impression house
Drawing Section House
Drawing Diagram structure
Artistic impression Side elevation
Artistic impression
CGI courtyard
CGI Courtyard
CGI Courtyard

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